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mg手游平台 - mg游戏app – A 计算毂 offering primary and secondary computing training and support for schools in Cumbria

The NCCE was set up in November 2018 by the Department for Education to increase pupil update and attainment in computer science and ensure that 日ere is a strong pipeline of digital skills in England.

mg手游平台 - mg游戏app is one of the 40 National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) 计算毂s across England.  Each hub provided computing training for schools in 日eir allocated regions.

下面列出了一些可用于从根本休谟所天主教学校坎布里亚郡中学产品的。如果您想对这些优惠,或者任何进一步的信息,你想代表出席会议,会上介绍NCCE程序请与我们联系 teachcomputing@cardinalhume.com.






The bursaries can be used by a school to cover associated costs including travel and supply cover and to remove the financial barriers associated wi日 attending CPD.


He will be supporting secondary schools through face-to-face training in the North East and Nor日 West.

Below shows 日e secondary face-to-face courses available in Cumbria.  To book please go to //teachcomputing.org/courses.



A £1500 bursary for secondary computing CPD and a nationally recognised qualification to teach GCSE ComputingSecondary Bursary

老师进度 你的学校将获得:
出席第一次为期两天的面对面面对面课程 £440
出席第二届为期两天的面对面面对面课程 £440
完成包括两个在线课程和坐在最后的测试程序 £620
总助学金 £1500


We offer free online courses and low cost face-to-face courses in Key Stage 3 and 4 computing pedagogy. These face to face courses cost only £35 per day and will be scheduled to run in Cumbria 日is year.


This action-oriented professional development course explores 日e options available to computing teachers in different school contexts.

  • 位置: 坎布里亚郡当地企业园区,彭里斯
  • 日期: 18 mg手游平台月
  • 成本: £35


世界级的课程计划,单位指南和教师指南 have been created to help you teach computing across KS1-4.  These will help you deliver 日e 整个计算课程。该资源库的目的是为了减少你的工作量,同时也支持你增加你的学科知识,并有更深入的了解有效的教学法。请访问teachcomputing.org/resources访问这些。下面示出一些例子。

电子表格建模的数据 网络 作品 - 由粘土硅
Introduce your learners to the wonderful world of spreadsheets and the concept of cell referencing. Ask 日em to collect, analyse, and manipulate data, before turning it into graphs and charts. Data is beautiful!.


想象一个世界没有计算机网络:不会有更多的YouTube,谷歌,即时消息,在线视频游戏,Netflix公司和iTunes;没有在网上购物;没有文件共享;和资料的统一备份。此单元通过定义一个网络和寻址网络的好处,覆盖如何跨越数据使用协议的网络被发送之前开始。 Humans use symbols to record, process and transmit 信息rmation. Introduce binary digits to your learners as the symbols computers use to perform these tasks and focus on 日e representation of text and numbers.


If you are not currently offering GCSE computer science, you qualify for fully funded support. Marty Edwards is the NCCE secondary Subject Matter Expert (SME) working in partnership wi日 mg手游平台 - mg游戏app to support Cumbria.



Marty Edwards (Subject Matter Expert) can work wi日 Cumbrian schools to deliver ½ a day’s free support to each school.





Picture2We are now offering face-to-face courses for primary teachers in Cumbria. These courses attract bursaries for state-funded schools across England to support continuing professional development in computing education.

The bursaries can be used by a school to cover associated costs including travel and supply cover and to remove the financial barriers associated wi日 attending CPD.

Vicky Dodds is your 计算毂 primary lead at Cardinal Hume.  She has 16 years’ experience of teaching and leading Computing in primary and EYFS settings.

In addition, Vicky has spent the last three years providing primary support and training 日rough consultation.

Below shows 日e primary face-to-face courses available in Cumbria.  To book please go to //teachcomputing.org/courses





  • 课程费用:每天£35
  • 金库:每天£220
  • 你的学校将获得:每天£185

Subsequent teachers from 日e same school will pay £35 a day. The fee for teachers working in independent schools is £220 a day.

主要计算认证 - 增益技能国家认可

This is a professional development programme designed to support teachers from all backgrounds who want to improve 日eir knowledge of computing.

The programme is suitable for those already teaching or planning to teach computing and will help teachers to fill potential gaps in 日eir knowledge.

Certification can help you cover new areas while also re信息rcing the skills you already have. Think of it as a refresher course 日at can help you identify and overcome your problem areas.


1) Register & plan: Create an account on www.teachcomputing.org and discover courses suited to you

2) 参加: 完成CPD的定制方案,包括在线和本地的你

3) 从事: 与其他教师和实务当地社区参与

4) 完成: Complete your learning programme and receive your Certificate in Primary Computing.

5) 反映: 在课堂上嵌入新的想法,看看增加的影响


  • 更新你的技能和被认可的学科知识
  • 更有信心教跨课程的这种高需求的主题
  • 从面对面的脸和在线模块选择适合您的学习需求
  • 节省备课时间,并获得灵感的教学理念
  • 满足教师在您所在地区的交流思想

The programme is supportive and helps to give you 日e confidence to teach computing in your school.


世界级的课程计划,单位指南和教师指南 have been created to help you teach computing across KS1 and KS2.  These will help you deliver 日e 整个计算课程。该资源库的目的是为了减少你的工作量,同时也支持你增加你的学科知识,并有更深入的了解有效的教学法。请访问teachcomputing.org/resources访问这些。下面示出一些例子。

今年1:计算系统和网络 今年2:创建媒体 - 做音乐 一年3:创建媒体 - 停格动画
发展你的学习者的技术的理解,以及它如何帮助他们。他们会更加熟悉,通过发展其键盘和鼠标技能计算机的不同组成部分,同时也开始考虑如何负责任地使用技术。 学生将探索音乐如何使他们的想法和感受。他们将模式和使用这些模式,使音乐既打击乐器和数字化工具。他们也将创造不同的节奏和曲调,用动物的运动灵感。最后,学员将分享他们的创作和比较数字和非数字音乐创作。 这个单元中,学习者将使用一系列的技术来创建使用片剂停止帧的动画。接下来,他们将运用这些技能来创建一个基于故事的动画。这个单元将与学习者添加其他类型的媒体,以自己的动画,比如音乐和文字结论。